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Having a well-designed and well-functioning website is extremely important but in order to see the benefits of having this beautiful and functional website you need to get people to actually visit the website. Increasing your website traffic will help to bring new business to your dental practice. There are many different ways your dental practice can work to increase your website traffic. The first task will be ensuring that your website is well designed and fully functional across multiple devices. Next would be to ensure you are including social media, a blog page and posts, keywords on all pages, and on-page SEO to help increase your dental practices website traffic.

Social Media Presence

Having an active social media presence, will help to drive traffic to your website. When creating social media content and optimizing your social media profiles, make sure to include links back to your website. This will allow people who come across your social media profiles an easy one-click way to a landing page of your choice on your website. These links should be a two-way street, so don’t forget to include links to all of your social media profiles in an easy access part of your website; either in the header and footer, contact page, blog page or all three!


Another integral part of your digital presence is a blog. Having a blog allows your dental practice to share new and exciting pieces of information with your current and potential patients regarding your dental practice, specifically, new innovations in the dental field, exciting new services, deals, and more. When creating your blog page and content for your blog it is important to include internal links back to your website pages. Again, this will allow people to easily access your website when they want to learn more about your dental practice. Include your blog page on the main menu of your website so your current and potential patients can read them.


Understanding and using keywords that your target market is likely using when searching for a new dental practice will help to increase your standing in searches on big search engines like Google. By understanding this your dental practice can utilize keywords to raise your website and other digital aspects of your company, such as your social media profiles, to a higher place on those search results. Increasing your dental practices rank on these search engines results in a higher likelihood of your links being clicked on.

On Page SEO

Optimizing your on-page SEO will help to increase your standing in search engine results. Increasing your rank helps to increase the likelihood that your links will be served to potential clients when they are making search queries that are relevant to your business. On-page SEO requires you to be mindful of headings (H1, H2), implement internal linking from page to page, and changes to the content as well as the HTML of your dental practice’s website. By optimizing your dental practices on-page SEO, you will be increasing the number of potential clients who are being served your links when they make search queries that are relevant to your business.

 Website Specifics

Once you get people to visit your website, you want to keep them there. There are lots of different things your dental practice can do to create the best experience for consumers visiting your website. Having a well-designed website that is visually pleasing is going to create a comfortable space for people when they arrive at your website. Keep the branding consistent to create a professional looking website to match your business. Make sure to keep your website visually interesting with photos and videos along with the text-based information that relate to your dental practice.

When designing a website, it is important to consider how easy it is for people to navigate. Create a website that is intuitive and responsive, allowing visitors an easy experience as they browse the pages and information available. It is also important to make sure that your website is visually appealing and mobile friendly. This means that it is a responsive design that will adjust to the size of the screen it’s on. You don’t want your text, images, videos or buttons to work only on desktop, when a lot of people search from their tablets or smartphones.

Creating a website that fits your dental practice’s brand and intuitive for people visiting, is a great tool for your dental practice to have to increase sales and convert visitors into new patients. In order to reap the benefits of this newly designed website, it requires people to actually visit it. Through social media and a blog posts, you can drive the traffic of people who are already interested in your brand to be on those channels to your website where they will be able to browse the services you offer. Being aware of keywords and on page SEO are also incredibly useful to increase your rank in big search engines, such as Google. This will increase the likelihood that your website, social media profiles, or blog will be served to people searching. And in turn will increases the likelihood that your links will be clicked. Understanding how your dental practice is driving traffic and increasing the likelihood that your website will be seen and visited is just as important as designing a visually pleasing and functional website. These two aspects work in hand in hand to find and convert potential customers into current patients.

We would love to work with you to ensure your dental website is getting more traffic and converting visitors into patients.

For more information on our dental website services you can check out the Design and Development page on our website, or you can get in contact with us.