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Google My Business posts for email marketing

People are turning to Google more and more for recommendations of local businesses. This means it is incredibly important for local businesses to be optimizing their presence on Google. Google My Business is a tool on Google that businesses use to create or claim their Google listing and ensure that all of the information is accessible and correct. Dental practices can use Google My Business to attract new dental patients by increasing local SEO and online visibility, as well as sharing important information about your dental practice in the moment that people are actively searching for local dentists.

Local SEO

Google My Business is an incredibly useful tool for local businesses, as it allows local businesses to place all of the relevant information about their business directly into the Google search results. By claiming and optimizing your Google My Business profile you can ensure that the information your clients and potential patients are finding is completely accurate. By having a complete Google My Business profile, your dental practice is going to rank higher in Google searches. Google wants to show the best answers when people make a search query and so Google looks to serve the businesses that are verified with Google My Business profile. The more good information Google has about your business the more Google is going to recognize your business as a good quality search result.

Google My Business Profile

Your profile is your dental practices place to include relevant information about your practice. This can include information such as your location, business hours, and your contact information. To get the full benefit of your Google My Business profile It is important to go past this basic information and include other key aspects of your business as well. This can include pictures of your dental practice, reviews and testimonials from your dental patients, your businesses rating, and a description of your dental practice. These additional pieces of information help potential clients to better understand your dental practice’s brand, which is crucial when people are trying to make a decision between different dental practices.

Google My Business Features

Google My Business has a lot of other features that will help your dental practice with your local SEO and online presence. These features allow you to include extra information past the basics of your dental practice. The extra information that you include on your Google My Business listing will allow people to fully understand and interact with your brand without leaving the search engine that they used to find you. This provides people to get a snapshot of your business, allowing them to make a more informed decision about whether they want to learn more about your dental practice and contact you to make an appointment. Your Google My Business listing allows you to control the information they see about your business and convince them that your dental office is the right choice for them.

Google Posts

Google Posts allows your dental practice to share important information with people who are currently searching for your business on Google. This can include showcasing a new blog post, a new feature or service, or any other relevant news about your dental practice. Google My Business Posts use a mix of copy and photos to catch people’s attention and share the information. These posts can also include a link to direct people to your website to learn more about your dental practice. This gives each post a clear call to action for your current and potential patients.


This Google My Business feature allows people to ask questions to your dental practice directly from the Google My Business listing. This allows your dental practice to quickly answer any questions a potential dental patient may have. Google My Business also allows you to choose certain questions and answers to appear first in the profile, helping other potential clients who may have the same questions as previous people.

Booking Button

Google My Business has a feature that would allow current or potential dental patients to schedule an appointment at your dental practice directly on Google My Business listing. This makes it incredibly convenient for people to schedule an appointment. Having this as an option can help your dental practice stand out amongst others in your area by creating an easy way for people to book with your dental office.

Photos and Videos

By including photos and videos of your dental practice, people searching for local dentists will be able to understand your brand. People want to go to businesses that make them feel comfortable and welcomed. By showing off your space in your Google My Business listing people will be able to understand the atmosphere of your business and decide whether you are the right choice for them.

Reviews and Testimonials

Your Google My Business profile allows for your dental office to include reviews and testimonials in your listing. By showcasing these reviews, you will be able to show any potential clients why they should choose your dental practice over the others in your area. Reviews and testimonials are very important aspects of why people chose the businesses they choose. People want to make sure they are spending their money in the right place, and this includes doing research on potential purchases to make sure they are worth the money that they cost. By having reviews and testimonials easily available for people to read while they are searching for local businesses, they will be able to decide if they want to choose your dental practice.

Your Google My Business profile acts as a wealth of information about your dental practice for people who are actively searching for dentists in your area. Providing this information in the same location as the search engine they are using allows these people to learn about your dental office without having to visit your website. Including the extra information helps your dental practice to stand out amongst the other dental offices in your area.

We would love to work with you to help you optimize your Google My Business profile.

For more information on the Google My Business services we offer you can check out the Local SEO section of our website, or you can send us an email at info@cpinternetmarketing.com