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A digital presence, when done right, is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your dental practice. A well designed and well-functioning website is an essential part of a business’s digital presence. Having an updated website is a great way to build trust between your dental practice and your clients, as well as your dental practice and search engines. Staying on top of new designs and changes to the algorithms being used by big search engines will allow your dental office to update your website to optimize your digital presence.

Design and Functionality

The visual appearance of your website represents your brand and potential clients will base a large part of their decision on the design and functionality of your dental practice’s website. The experience people have while on your website correlates to their opinions of your dental practice. The design of your website should highlight all of the services you offer in a positive light and encourages them to learn more about your dental office. When updating your website it is important to think about the functionality of the website on a desktop or laptop, as well as on mobile devices. Part of optimizing the design of your website includes the photos and videos that are included. Having images and videos that match the vibe of your current branding is important in keeping your website and digital presence consistent. When you update your website, it is important to look at the changes you have made and reevaluate if the current images and videos work with the new updates you are implementing.


While the design of your website is going to be what initially catches potential clients attention, the content of your website is going to be what keeps their attention. The content on your website should be simple, targeted, and informative. Including pictures, graphics, and videos alongside your written content is a great way to engage potential clients and get them to learn more about your brand and the services your dental practice offers. Part of updating your content strategy should include starting a brand blog if you don’t already have on. Having a blog allows your brand to establish your dental office as an authority in your field. Your blog will act as the perfect place to create and share interesting and informative content for your potential and current clients.

Some of the content that is particularly important to keep updated is your dental practices contact information. Having your contact information is important for any potential or existing clients. Making sure this information is accurate will help to ensure that any potential or current client has the best experience possible while visiting your website or blog. Keeping this information updated will help to build trust between your dental practice and big search engines, helping to raise your SEO results.


Keeping the reviews on your website up to date will also help to build trust between your dental practice and potential clients. Having recent and positive testimonials available for potential clients to read will allow them to do their research on the effectiveness of your dental office. Continuously having new reviews added will ensure that people are able to read the most up to date reviews available. The more recent the testimonials you have on your website, the more trustworthy your dental practice will seem to potential clients.


Part of updating your website is updating your on-page SEO. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithm, making it important for your business to stay on top of the changes the search engines are making to their algorithm and to update your website and digital presence accordingly. Part of SEO is continuing to add new content. New content gets noticed by these big search engines and your ranking gets recalculated with the current algorithm. Keeping track of changes to the algorithms being used and updating your website and blog with new, good quality content will increase the chances of your dental practice raising your standing in the search engine results.


It is important to monitor the statistics of your website, especially right after finishing updates. This will allow your business to keep track of what is working and not working for your brand online. Looking at pages people visit, what they are clicking on, and how long they stay to determine the types of content that work for you and the content that doesn’t work for you. This information will allow you to continue to make updates that will improve your website based on statistics.

The way business is done on the internet is constantly evolving, including best practices for websites and the algorithms being used by big search engines. It is important to pay attention to these changes and to update your website and blog accordingly. Keeping your branding consistent along all aspects of your digital presence is very important in attracting and converting potential clients. Keeping the information and design of your website up to date will give your visitors the best experience possible, allowing them to interact with your brand and focus their attention on the content and not the feeling that your dental practice is falling behind. By staying informed and continuing to update your website and blog when necessary, you can ensure your digital presence is fully optimized.

We would love to work with you to ensure your dental website is modern and functional.

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