Local SEO is a way to get more patients by ranking first on the search engines. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a way to improve search engine rankings in Yahoo, Google, Bing, and local Yahoo directories. A search engine delivers links to pages it considers the most relevant and authoritative on the Internet. Of course, you want your page to be ranked number one, and we can guarantee to make it in the top five within six months or less.

Clients who use Local SEO have found they increased their income and client base dramatically, return more profit from existing clients and patients, receive more positive reviews and referrals, and increase their communication and patient engagement. Don’t you want these results for your dentist practice?

Everyday clients are using their phones; tablets and computers to search for the right family care practitioners. Regular dental check-ups are essential for a healthy mouth, but many clients have a fear of the dentist and a concern about the expense.

Calm their fears and relieve their budget woes by creating a transparent website that offers the client reassuring videos and testimonials from you and your happy clients. Develop and advertise a less costly way to insert your dental practice into a home budget. Make your business manager the first place people stop in the office instead of the last place; so they are confident that you can both meet your costs.

As your SEO Marketing Advisor, we will implement our personal review strategy that generates 5-star reviews from your client base. We create testimonial, educational or informational videos that you can run in your office for patient information, on your website to get referrals, or as social media posts for awareness.

We create and participate in all the social media channels for you, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to name the most popular. We acquire free press in your local newspaper. We update your profile in Google My Business, Yahoo, Bing and Yelp.

We advise you on a company blog and information pages on your website to keep your web presence fresh and invigorating for your clients. We build external and internal links so that your clients can quickly access their needed information.

You receive a detailed monthly and quarterly report that identifies your web traffic, your keyword ranking, reviews from all internet sources, research on your competition, an activity report of all of our information and document creation, and an opportunity to adjust our goals and results with a personal meeting monthly.


Social media is the sharing of ideas, information and the building of communities and virtual networks. Social media is internet based and offers users an easy form of communication of personal or professional information and other content, such as videos and photos. Users engage on social media through computers, tablets or smartphones. Social media is everywhere we go, so instead of trying to escape it, join it.

Today social media platforms are necessary for internet marketing.

We can create new social media accounts for you as a dental office that will effectively share your message with current and potential clients. Editing, updating and creating new accounts on platforms you don’t have is where we will begin.

Having your dental office known is exactly what you want. And we want to achieve this for you.

Facebook Ads are a major part of our social media branding that will increase the awareness of your clinic and your online presence. We will work with you to determine what your short term and long term goals are for your dental practice. Is it more page likes? Engagement on posts? Larger presence on social media? Promote offers or specials? Whatever your goal is, we will create ads just for you. From the copy to the creative all the way down to the button, each and every aspect of your ads will be designed specifically for your dental practice and the target audience the ad is serving.

All of the Facebook Ads created will be sent out for approval by the client before the Ads will be live. We have created an easy system for our clients to be able to see each an every add as well as make comments on any changes they would like done before the Ad is published.

Current social media platforms will be reviewed, edited, updated and new social platforms will be created, if necessary. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the main platforms we look at. From there we will add in others such as LinkedIn and Pinterest.


We create custom websites that are efficient, practical and pave the way for your dental patients to invest in repeat appointments. This is a fresh website, designed for you specifically that will convert your patients and referrals into long term clients. We will work with you to develop a website that will showcase your skills and aptitudes, so that your potential patients become confirmed patients.

We use four steps to design your customized website:

  1. Define – we define your goals for your website and the basic structure of your website needs, then
  2. Design – we design the physical parameters of your website
  3. Display – we will display the graphics, pages, and multimedia content
  4. Diversify – we will diversify your website to reach by SEO, email, and local content browsers.

After we have fully developed your website, then we will test for functionality, rankings, and optimization. We will then launch your website and start the new client listings in your database for emails and marketing.

Our website services ensure a positive presence on the World Wide Web. Many customers look first to the web to find a progressive and accessible dentist that is technologically savvy. They want a dentist that knows current methods of dental technology; their best way to find a technologically adept dentist is through the Internet.

When we have optimized the search engines by carefully placing keywords on your homepage and internal pages, this will attract the clients that feel confidence in a dentist that has a transparent and visually stimulating Internet presence. In addition, we will create About pages and Information pages that delineate the current methods of dentistry that you employ to assure a painless and comfortable dental visit. This website is just the place to advertise your kid-friendly services, or your discounted teeth cleaning services for repeat clients, or maybe your special dental methods that assure a pain free dental visit.

If you have a special room for children, a give-away of a new toothbrush with each teeth cleaning, custom denture fittings with a guaranteed no pain fitting, or any other special feature, let us highlight it on your website to assure you attract needful patients.

Everyone wants an accessible, compassionate, inexpensive, pain free dental visit. No one wants to neglect his or her teeth. Use the Internet to promote your easy pay services, your gentle touch, and your sympathetic bedside manner for those dental phobias that need your personal touch to have a healthy smile.


Discover and utilize the most inexpensive, efficient way to connect with your client base and potential patients through passive email marketing. An email marketing project can rejuvenate your prospects list while keeping your costs and labour diminished. People that have opted in for email are expecting and anticipating your communication; don’t keep them disappointed and waiting for your contact. This is also an excellent way to inform your patients of current specials, new methods in painless dentistry, and opportunities for new information in dental hygiene.

Email is also a very practical way to remind patients of regular maintenance appointments, assuring to reduce the number of no-shows and increasing repeat contact from your current patients. Initiate a referral plan for your patients and they will give you the names and email addresses of potential clients and friends. Most people have their teeth cleaned annually. Suggest they visit you bi-annually through an email contact and double your revenue with just one campaign!

Email marketing is the most successful return on investment of all online marketing venues. We have numerous ways to track the effectiveness of your personal email marketing campaign. We will track the email opens, the unsubscribe clients, the link and bounce rates to and from your website, special offer usage and phone calls to your office, all to advise you of the success of your email marketing efforts.

Why do we call this passive email marketing? Because you, as our client, just has to initiate the campaign by addressing the particulars and parameters, and we do all the work. You don’t have to create the emails, ads, or lists, we do! We import your email lists, clean your database, create and place a website sign up form that is customized for you, conduct list management to add and delete clients each month, make a new graphic design for each canvass and mail out, test the design and functionality of the email, process all the changes in the mailing lists, make custom mailing lists for specific clients, (like clients who have dentures and need to be reminded to come in for adjustments and healthy gum checks), and data analysis and recommendations based on the progress report of each individual campaign.

We deliver measurable results. Email marketing is said to generate an average revenue of $40+ per client contact. Can you afford to lose this much revenue opportunity?


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